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In the Parks, Brussels (BE)

Who we are

A little history

Under the impetus of Brussels Environment, the Guinguettes Barc were born in July 2017 on the Brussels region. Six years already... and long live the seventh!
The world of guinguettes

Our Philosophy

Gathering the inhabitants of a neighborhood around a drink or a meal, but in a park.

Provoke meetings, exchanges and sharing around weekly meetings animated by local associations of dance, music or theater.

Creating social links, cohesion and multiplying possibilities: this is our objective. And we're staying the course! But above all, we want to hold it, we don't let go.
What's new?

New in 2023

A new Guinguette is born in the commune of Evere, in the Bon Pasteur park. New challenge ! We are delighted.

The Guinguette Gisèle becomes a Vélo Guinguette and the commune of Brussels welcomes us on the site of the Abbey of La Cambre.

And also, the Guinguettes Barc are installed in the city, place du Jeu de Balle in Brussels with LE MUCHE! Yes LE MUCHE! THE MUCHE, THE MUCHE !!! LE MUCHE !!!
A bistro, a large terrace, Brunchs, Burgers, Tapas... of the Guinguette in fact, but all year long.
made with love

The fine team

It is true that there would be a François de Villers at the head of this project. The one who would have motivated all this.

But everything was possible thanks to : Julie, Louis, Jascha, Matteo, Camille, Noémie, Lolita, Hanna, Judith, Lou, Thomas, Sylvain, Lucile, Flore, Jean-Baptiste, Emile, Robin, Caro, Amaury, Oscar, Hugo, Félix, Thelma, Pablo, Lukas, Cyril, Abdou, Bilal, Luce, Clifford, Bastien, Yves, Arona, Gabriel, Mila, Maxime, Salim, Margot, Marine, Amaury, Clément, Mato, Lola, Luka, James, Léo, Mickaël, Dimitri, NicoH, Oscar, Nabil, JohnJohn, Maxime, Sacha, Julian...
Made with love

But also

Balthazar, Lucy, Igor, Chloé, Arthur, Luce, Clara, Morel, Jeremy, Thom, Nina, Romane, Irina, Orry, Lison, Eleftheria, Léa, Alexandra, Ben, Donald, Al Rayah, John, Jérôme, Frank, Nini, Dug, Paco, Patti, Alice, Julia, Louis, Elie, Boris, Anouk, Aurélien, Cécile, Léo, Merhan, Elsa, Thibault, Louca, Élie, Béa, Stuart, Maya, Carpaccio, Edoh, Vanessa, Damien, Imad, Till, Sam, Jordan, Marie, Louisa, Tomek, Nikita, Marjolaine, Chloé, Nabil, Grégory, Suleiman, Shanaz, Junior and all the new protagonists who, each year, make the Guinguettes live.